From 8 years upwards
Aim of the game

The first game involves drawing a route, which the child will then walk through and return to the starting point. The game A map of your own home (variation A) starts out as an everyday situation, then transformed by the variations into a creative use of space. The subsequent variations, A lucky landing (B) and The flight map (C) remain on the subject of management of movement actions in the space of an imaginative environment. The management of space is interactive, one child guides another who is blindfolded in an imaginary crash landing between obstacles on the runway and intense air traffic, or drawing a map on his playmate’s back which must then be enacted by moving around. These are experiences in which children represent with their movement actions the spatial characteristics of an imagined environment. (A), through perceptions which may be auditory (C) or tactile-pressoceptive deriving from contact with the skin (D).
Game by Patrizia Scibinetti e Nicoletta Tocci