This site collects videos of 80 games presented in the manual "Joy of Moving. Movements and Imagination "and a selection of variants.

Minor discrepancies between the way in which the games are described in the manual and what they are actually made by children in the videos are normal and also related to the way in which the shooting took place.
The recordings are in fact taken place during the normal activities of the classes involved in the project, avoiding as much as possible outside interference, interruptions and repetitions "guided".
Educators have therefore proposed adapting the game to the children involved, with small variations, and in turn the kids played in their own way, according to their skills and their level of involvement. Nothing changes in the basic principles of the game.
The videos are thus not only tutorials, useful in understanding the performance of the games, but the windows on the "games played" important to see what you can expect by proposing a certain activity.