The educational model

The collection of games in this site are part of the handbook - "Joy of Moving - MindMovers and ImaginAction". The basis for this book, which gathers the skills, research and experiences of 20 authors, is a new educational model, based on the variability of practice. The aim of the book is to is to start out with the development of bodily motion and arrive at the formation of life skills for the citizen, riding the wave of children's natural joy of moving.

The four pillars on which the method is based are physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions and creativity, and life skills: the 80-plus games introduced, develop these skills and functions.

The method is suitable for all those who, be it on a personal or professional basis, deal with the education of children in pre-school and elementary school, without necessarily having specific training in physical activities. The expert, or who would like to become such, can analyze the logic behind the games and the entire model, by consulting both Part I of the book, and the "Getting into the game" section at the end of each game that explains its value from the perspective of the four pillars.