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Jom movimenti&immaginazione

Joy of moving.

The updated and more comprehensive edition of the handbook "Joy of Moving. MindMovers & ImaginAction. Playing with variability to promote motor, cognitive and citizen development" by Caterina Pesce, Rosalba Marchetti, Anna Motta and Mario Bellucci, describes a theoretical and methodical approach that supports this innovative method.

The handbook is a valuable training asset, a valid and useful tool available to teachers and instructors in the world of school and sport, those working in institutions, and private citizens who simply want to draw inspiration from it.

Jom Family

Joy of moving Family.
Come on, let’s play!

"Joy of moving Family. Come on, let’s play!", by Pasquale Bellotti, Rosalba Marchetti, Mario Bellucci, Anna Motta and Caterina Pesce, is an easy to read, complete handbook designed to encourage play between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters, cousins and little neighbors. But above all, it has been created to help you, the parents, rediscover the joy of movement – if you have lost it along your journey to adulthood – with your children, or to continue playing in new ways, to entertain the child within you.

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