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Joy of moving. MindMovers&ImaginAction


The games collected in this part make up the application section of the handbook, “Joy of Moving – MindMovers and ImaginAction. Playing with variability to promote motor, cognitive and citizen development” by Caterina Pesce, Rosalba Marchetti, Anna Motta and Mario Bellucci, published in 2015 and subsequently updated and integrated in 2023.

All 70 games and their several variations to educate through movement are cataloged on the basis of the specific characterizing element of 1 single pillar, however, it is important to remember that they possess characteristics that synergically touch all the 4 domains on which the Joy of moving educational method lies.

The video tutorials of the games show 'real' children from 'real' classes engaged in the activities; in order to offer a didactically effective representation, we decided to provide a real context, not a controlled or manipulated one for the sake of filming. This was to measure the actual feasibility of the games, with children of all ages and backgrounds.

Select one of the 4 domains that rotate around physical activity


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Joy of moving. MindMovers and ImaginAction

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Joy of moving Family. Let's play and have some serious fun!

JOM Family

The fun, action-packed games in the "Joy of moving Family" handbook come to life in video tutorials where you can see children and adults in action! The videos are an important element to fully understand and reach the goal of the handbook, in other words, to support parents in their educational mission through movement games.

The games' tutorial will provide insight into the action, dynamism and empathy that are developed during the activities. Not only will you see the basic aspects og the games (minimum age, where to play, what you need, or what you can make, etc.), you will also find alternative solutions, answers to any doubts, and see what had only imagined put into action.


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