Joy of moving. MindMovers&ImaginAction


The handbook "Joy of Moving. MindMovers & ImaginAction. Playing with variability to promote motor, cognitive and citizen development" by Caterina Pesce, Rosalba Marchetti, Anna Motta and Mario Bellucci, describes a theoretical and methodical approach that supports this innovative method.

The handbook is a valuable training asset, a valid and useful tool available to teachers and instructors in the world of school and sport, those working in institutions, and private citizens who simply want to draw inspiration from it.

THEORY: Part I provides the information necessary to get right to the heart of the Joy of moving method and become familiar with designing movement games for children.

PRACTICE: Part II contains a collection of 80 games accompanied by essential information on how to teach them, and video tutorials available in the VIDEO OF THE GAMES section of this site. For each game there are also numerous variations that multiply the overall number of games available and exemplify the variability of the practice on which the method is based.

Anyone who is already an expert or wishes to become one can further study the logic behind the games and the entire method, by consulting both Part I of the handbook and the section "Getting inside the game" which concludes the presentation of each game, indicating how this contributes to stimulating the development of the child with reference to the 4 pillars on which the Joy of moving educational method is based: physical fitness, motor coordination, cognitive functions and life skills.



The handbook is available from the publisher’s bookstore www.calzetti-mariucci.it or in main bookstores and online stores.
For further information about orders or distribution channels: info@calzetti-mariucci.it - Tel. +39 075 5997310

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